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I am Mahajan mahesh S. Instructor for Turner. This website is made for my ITI students from all over maharashtra and India in 2017. reputed and quality educational study material is required for our skillful and technical based Training system. Unfortunately very less option available on digital space or i say on the internet. so i want to do something for this purpose and i trying to build this site. may be this site is not perfect but i am 100% sure that in future this site is on the top of technical field. If any objection or suggestions please contact me via email. on Thank You


Select the example of a product from the options. / पर्यायांमधून उत्पादनाचे उदाहरण निवडा. A ) Home painting / होम पेंटिंग B.) Parlor service / पार्लर सेवा C.) Shirt / शर्ट D.) Bike repair / दुचाकी दुरुस्ती The business idea should ………… / व्यवसायाची कल्पना असावी — A ) Satisfy only my needs / फक्त […]

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“The practice of including people with respect and empathy is called ………..” / “आदर आणि सहानुभूती असलेल्या लोकांना समाविष्ट करण्याची प्रथा म्हणतात” A ) Inclusion / समावेशन B.) Conflict / संघर्ष C.) Culture / संस्कृती D.) Gender / लिंग An inclusive environment is needed for happiness and ……… work / आनंदासाठी सर्वसमावेशक वातावरण आवश्यक आहे

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…………….is a tool to organize a large amount of data in an easy and understandable way. / सोप्या आणि समजण्यायोग्य मार्गाने मोठ्या प्रमाणात डेटा आयोजित करण्याचे एक साधन आहे. A ) Excel / एक्सेल B.) Chrome / क्रोम C.) Paint / रंग D.) Print / छापा Which of the following can be done using Excel?

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Sudha said ” I feel that these lights are too bright. ” What is she communicating? / सुधा म्हणाली “मला वाटते की हे दिवे खूप तेजस्वी आहेत.” ती काय संवाद साधत आहे? A ) Question / प्रश्न B.) Answer / उत्तर द्या C.) Idiom / वाक्प्रचार D.) Opinion Phrase / मत वाक्य How should Tom

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Formal communication is used at ……………. / …………येथे औपचारिक संभाषण वापरले जाते. A ) Friend / मित्र B.) House / घर C.) Party / पार्टी D.) Workplace / कामाची जागा Vinod met his new manager at his workplace. He had to…………. himself first. / विनोद त्याच्या नवीन व्यवस्थापकाला त्याच्या कामाच्या ठिकाणी भेटला. प्रथम त्याला …………..

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