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WEEK. NO. 32 & 33

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :-Drive vehicle following Traffic Regulations and maintenance of good road conduct. (Mapped NOS: ASC/N14040)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 50 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 08 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Traffic rules, Signals & controls.
    • Locating vehicle information, Obtaining & interpreting scan tool data.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • Driving Practice :
  • 164. Practice in straight driving on wide roads. (10 Hrs)
  • 165. Driving through lanes and curves. (10 Hrs)
  • 166. Practice in reversing. (10 Hrs)
  • 167. Practice overtaking another vehicle. (10 Hrs)
  • 168. Practice in driving through sand and wet surfaces. Practice in parking and Diagonal parking. (10 Hrs)

WEEK. NO. 34 & 35

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :-Identify and study of Electric vehicle components and Performance comparison of EV and IC engine vehicles. (Components of Electric Vehicle such as Motor, Motor Controller, Battery Pack, Battery Management System, Charging System etc.) (Mapped NOS: ASC/N9439)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 55 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 15 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Introduction to Electric Vehicle Technology, EV Terminology Comparison of Electric Vehicle with IC engine vehicle based on emissions, range, fuel type.
    • Types of electric vehicle, BEV, HEV, PHEV and FCEV.
    • Architecture of Electric Vehicle, working principle of fully electric vehicle, Major component, performance parameter, Basics of Motors, Selection, sizing and characteristic of Motor, calculation for motor effort, electric transmission.
    • Principle, working and operation of propulsion system,
    • DC Motor – Drives Armature Voltage, chopper circuit, step up, Step down chopper, control strategy, chopper amplifier.
    • Brushless DC Motor – principle working, features, speed control system of brushless DC motor, efficiency, calculation.
    • Battery management system
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • 169. Study report on current adoption status of BEV, HEV, PHEV, FCEV type vehicles. (15 hrs)
  • 170. Identify and study performance of Electric vehicles, in comparison to IC engine vehicles. (10 hrs)
  • 171. Identification and study of basic components of EV (05 hrs)
  • 172. Identify various gauges/instrument on dashboard of an electric vehicle and identify differences in instrumentation panel with IC engine vehicle. (10 hrs)
  • 173. Basic motor power calculation. (5 hrs)
  • 174. Identify and test different types of Batteries, diodes and transistors (10 Hrs)
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