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WEEK. NO. 14

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :- Test various electrical/ electronic components using proper measuring instruments and compare the data using standard parameters. (Mapped NOS:ASC/N1438)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 140  Hrs; Professional Knowledge 30  Hrs  (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Pressure relief valve, Non return valve, Flow control valve used in automobile.
    • Pneumatic Symbols,
    • Description and function of air Reciprocating Compressor.
    • Function of Air service unit (FRL-Filter, Regulator & Lubricator).
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • 26. Trace hydraulic circuit on hydraulic jack, hydraulic power steering, and Brake circuit. (15 Hrs)
  • 27. Identify components in Air brake systems. (05 Hrs)

WEEK. NO. 15

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :- Check & Interpret Vehicle Specification data & VIN and Select & operate various Service Station Equipments. (Mapped NOS: ASC/N1404) 
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 25 Hrs; Professional Knowledge 06  Hrs  (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Definition: – Classification of vehicles on the basis of load as per central motor vehicle rule, wheels, final drive, and fuel used, axles, position of engine and steering transmission, body and load.
    • Brief description and uses of Vehicle hoists – Two post and four post hoist, Engine hoists, Jacks, Stands
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • 28. Carryout Identification ofdifferent type of Vehicle. (10 Hrs)
  • 29. Perform Demonstration of vehicle specification data(10 Hrs)
  • 30. Perform Identification of vehicle information Number (VIN). Demonstration of Garage, Service station equipments.- Vehicle hoists – Two post and four post hoist, Engine hoists Jacks, Stands. (05 Hrs)

WEEK. NO. 16 & 17

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :-Dismantle & assemble of Engine from vehicle (LMV/HMV) along with other accessories. (Mapped NOS: ASC/N1405)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 50 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 10 Hrs.(for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Introduction to Engine:
    • Description of internal & external combustion engines,
    • Classification of IC engines,
    • Principle & working of 2 & 4-stroke diesel engine (Compression ignition Engine (C.I)),
    • Principle of Spark Ignition Engine(SI),
    • differentiate between 2-stroke and 4 stroke,
    • C.I engine and S.I Engine, Direct injection and Indirect injection,
    • Technical terms used in engine, Engine specification.
    • Study of various gauges/instrument on a dash board of a vehicle- Speedometer, Tachometer, Odometer and Fuel gauge, and Indicators such as gearshift position, Seat belt warning light, Parking-brake-engagement warning light and an Engine-malfunction light.
    • Different type of starting and stopping method of Diesel Engine
    • Procedure for dismantling of diesel engine from a vehicle.
    • Petrol Engine Basics:
    • 4-stroke spark-ignition engines- Basic 4-stroke principles.
    • Spark-ignition engine components- Basic engine components, Engine cams & camshaft, Engine power transfer, Scavenging, Counter weights, Piston components.
    • Intake & exhaust systems -Electronic fuel injection systems, Exhaust systems.
    • Intake system components, Air cleaners, Carburettor air cleaners, EFI air cleaners, Intake manifolds, Intake air heating.
    • Gasoline Fuel Systems: Description of Gasoline fuel, Gasoline fuel characteristics, Controlling fuel burn, Stoichiometric ratio, Air density, Fuel supply system, Pressure & vacuum.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • 31. Identify parts in a Diesel engine of LMV/ HMV. (07 Hrs)
  • 32. Identify parts in a Petrol engine of LMV/ HMV. (07Hrs)
  • 33. Practice on starting and stopping of engines. (07Hrs)
  • 34. Observe and report the reading of Tachometer, Odometer, temp and Fuel gauge under ideal and on load condition. (07 Hrs)
  • 35. Practice identification of difference in components of Petrol and Diesel Engines. (07 Hrs)
  • 36. Practice on dismantling engine of LMV/HMV as per procedure. (15 Hrs)
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