151 . Official conversations are part of—————- A. ) informal communication B.) formal communication C.) resumes D.) families 152 . Conversation between family members at home or casual conversation between employees is —————- A. ) formal communication B.) discussion C.) none D.) informal communication 153 . Single strand communication, gossip, cluster and probability are examples

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91 . ———- fidget. ————- and smile —————- composed. A. ) Don’t, Blink stay B.) Don’t, Relax, Stay C.) Don’t, Blink, Well D.) Don’t, Instruct, Stay 92 . There are many dos and don’ts to be ———————- while preparing for/attending an –.” A. ) there, interview B.) identify, interview C.) identified, interviewed D.) identified, interview

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31 . Role models—————- people to follow them. A. ) elevate B.) instruct C.) inspire D.) none 32 . Role models inspire people to follow them though they have —————- and have met                               . A. ) elevation, failures B.) strengths, failures C.) weaknesses, failures D.) elevation, successes 33 . Human beings are—————- by nature. It

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Which of the options is not an Employability Skill? / कोणता पर्याय रोजगारक्षमता कौशल्य नाही? A ) Good runner / चांगला धावपटू B.) Good interview skill / चांगले मुलाखत कौशल्य C.) Good communication skills / चांगले संवाद कौशल्य D.) Quick learning / जलद शिक्षण An employee is someone who                     . / कर्मचारी असा असतो जो.

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