41 In which type of the following resistance welding, the material to be joined is placed between two electrodes?
a) Butt welding
b) Seam welding
c) Spot welding
d) Projection welding

42 What is the name of the part marked ‘X’ in spot welding?

a) Throat
b) Electrode
c) Work piece
d) Moveable arm

43 Which surface deposit method is used for smooth, precious and high quality finish?
a) TIG welding method
b) MIG welding method
c) Oxy-acetylene welding method
d) Submerged arc welding method

44 What will be the defect if the welding area of carbon steel and cast iron is not post heated?
a) Crack developed
b) Increase hardness
c) Reduce the stress
d) Reduce cracking tendency

45 Which non- destructive test is used to test welded pressure vessels, tanks and pipe lines?
a) Visual test
b) Magnetic test
c) Leak or pressure test
d) Stethoscopic test

46 What is the name of the non-destructive test?

a) ‘X’ ray test
b) Ultrasonic test
c) Magnetic particle test
d) Gamma-ray test

47 Which type of destructive test are useful for testing welded rotating parts?
a) Impact test
b) Tensile test
c) Fatigue test
d) Guided bend test

48 What is the name of the destructive testing machine?

a) Impact testing machine
b) Fatique testing machine
c) Tensile testing machine
d) Guided bend testing machine

49 Which tool is used to clean the bed after removing the spatter?
a) File
b) Chisel
c) Chipping hammer
d) Carbon steel wire brush

50 What is the name of the weld?

a) Flat welding
b) Butt welding
c) Corner welding
d) Tack welding

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