1 Which part of the wire feed mechanism turns the drive roller smoothly and constantlyfor GMAW?
a) Centre guide
b) Drive motor
c) Wire feeder
d) Wire spool holder

2 What is the name of the part marked ‘X” in MIG/MAG torch assembly?

a) Consumable electrode
b) Shielding gas in
c) Current conductor
d) Arc

3 Which gas mixture is used as shielding gas in GMAW spray transfer?
a) Argon-helium
b) Argon carbon-di-oxide
c) Argon-Oxygen
d) Helium carbon-di-oxide

4 In which metal transfer, the very fine droplets of the electrode wire are rapidly projected?
a) Pulsed Transfer
b) Spray transfer
c) Globular transfer
d) Short circuit transfer

5 Which type of welding procedure is used for producing butt joints?
a) Fillet weld
b) Flange weld
c) Tack weld
d) Groove weld

6 Which weld position is a down-hand position?
a) Flat position
b) Vertical position
c) Horizontal position
d) Over head position

7 What is the name of the weld position?

a) Flat
b) Vertical
c) Overhead
d) Horizontal

8 In which type of weld position,the metal is deposited from the upper side of the joint?
a) Flat
b) Vertical
c) Overhead
d) Horizontal

9 What s the remedy for the cause of wire feed speed is too high?
a) Select lower wire feed speed
b) Select lower voltage range
c) Use clean drive welding wire
d) Use shorter electrode extension

10 What is the name of the defect shallow fusion between the weld metal and base metal?
a) Porosity )
b) Lack of penetration
c) Incomplete fusion
d) Excessive spatter

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