1. What is the point angle of dot punch?
b) 50
c) 90
d) 60

2. Which material is used to manufacture chisel?
a) Stainless steel
b) Low carbon steel
c) High carbon steel
d) Medium carbon steel

3. Name the term, the metal chips are clogged in file.
a) Tinning
b) Logging
c) Glazing
d) Pinning

4. Which instrument is used to check the square and flatness?
a) Try square
b) Stee! rule
c) Weld gauge
d) Depth gauge

5. Name the tool is used to align the holes to be riveted.
a) Drift
b) Dolly
c) Snap
d) Combined rivet set

6. Which gas valve is closed first in gas welding at the end of work?
a) Acetylene valve
b) Oxygen valve
c) Both valve at the same time
d) Both regulators at same time

7. What is the colour of acetylenc cylinder?
a) Red
b) Blue
c) Maroon
d) Black

8. How to determine the nozzle size in oxy-acetylene cutting process?
a) Thickness of metal to be cut
b) Purity of oxygen
c) Purity of acetylene
d) Duration of cut

9. What is the process of sudden opening and closing of the cylinder valve for 2 to 3 scconds before attaching regulator to the cylinder?
a) Cracking
b) Opening
c) Bursting
d) Closing

10. What is the ratio of oxygen and acetylene for complete combustion?
a) 2:5:1
b) 3:1
c) 2:1
d) 2:1:5

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