321 . . Using words through speaking or writing to share information, thoughts or ideas is called…….. A. ) non-verbal communication B.) feedback C.) verbal communication D.) gesture 322 . Which one is NOT a Verbal communication? A. ) Job application B.) Formal letters C.) Informal letters D.) Attending interview 323 . The crucial step

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301 . When something good happens to us, we feel————– A. ) irritated B.) angry C.) negative emotions like anger D.) positive emotions like happiness 302 . What is the process of formally introducing oneself called————– A. ) self introduction B.) interviewing C.) decision D.) seeking 303 . A quick summary of yourself is called

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241 . Market trends are useful to plan one’s career because they help to   —————- A. ) identify property B.) recognize jobs that are and will be in demand C.) increase D.) remotely work 242 . Career pathways means   —————- A. ) potential employers B.) small groups of jobs within a career C.) interesting market D.) responsible

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