1. Submerged arc welding is characterized by.
a) High welding current .
b) Smooth beads
c) Deep penetration
d) All of these


2. Which of the following statements is NOT true about MIG welding?
a) Arc is not visible to the operator –
b) High welding speed
(c) No slag to be removed
d) Sound welds


3. refers to how filler metal is deposited to the base metal to form the weld bead.
a) Metal transit .
b) Metal transport
c) Metal transfer ) ”
d) Metal transition


4. What is the suitable shielding gas for MIG welding of aluminium?
a) Helium
b) Argon
c) No preference
d) Mixture of helium and argon


5. Which shielding gas is suitable for welding of mild steel by gas metal arc welding?
a).Helium ~
b) Argon :
c).Carbon dioxide
d) None of these


6. Spot welding process basically depends on
a) Generation of heat and application of forging pressure
b) Generation of heat
c) Ohmic resistance
d) Application of forging pressure


7. If weld metal solidifies before the gas entrapped in it can escape, the defect caused will
be- i
a) Lack of fusion –
b) Undercut
c) Lack of penetration
d) Porosity


8. Flux in the flux-cored electrodes contain deoxidizers. Their runction is to react with
present in the weld area and form harmless compound.
a) Inert gas
b) Hydrogen
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrogen


9.There are four modes of metal transfer in GMAW. Which one is considered least desirable?
a) Globular
b) Shor-circuiting
c) Spray
d) Pulsed-spray


10.Electric resistance seam welding uses electrodes.
a) Pointed
b) Disc
c) Domed
d) Flat


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