1. Unlike TIG welding, MIG welding –
(a) Requires no flux
(b) Requires no post-weld cleansing
(c) Uses consumable electrodes
(d) Provides complete protection from atmospheric contamination

2. In Gas Metal Arc welding, the electrode extended from the end of the contact tip to the arc
is known as –
(a) Electrode length
(c) Electrode retention
(b) Electrode extension
(d) Electrode projection

3. Argon and helium are the two commonly used inert gases. Which one is preferred for MIG welding of copper?
(a) Helium
(c) No preference
(b) Argon
(d) Mixture of helium and argon

4. All commercially available electrodes contain deoxidizing metals. Which of the following is deoxidizing metal?
(a) Silicon
(c) Titanium
(b) Manganese
(d) All of these

5. MIG welding process is becoming increasingly popular in welding industry because of –
(a) Its easy operation
(b) Its high metal deposition rate
(c) Its low initial cost
(d) Both its easy operation and its high metal deposition rate

6. Projection welding can be regarded as a mass production form of welding.
(a) Upset
(b) Spot
(d) Butt
(c) Seam

7. Which of the following is NOT true about globular metal transfer mode in Gas Metal Arc welding?
(a) It uses inexpensive CO,
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(b) It can weld at high speed
(d) It gives less spatter

8. Metals like columbium can be easily welded by welding process.
(a) TIG
(c) Flash
(b) MIG
(d) Electron beam

9. Which of the following welding processes is used for welding of sheet metals in
automobile and aircraft industries?
(a) Shielded metal arc welding
(c) Thermit welding
(b) Gas tungsten arc welding
(d) Resistance welding

10. Which of the following is an example of fusion welding?
(a) Arc welding
(c) Resistance welding
(b) Forge welding
(d) Thermit welding with pressure

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