1. The term used to indicate amount of current flowing in a circuit is called ……..
(a) Volt
(c) Ohm
(b) Ampere
(d) Farad


2. Earth clamp is used in arc welding to .
(a) Hold the electrode firmly during welding
(b) Connect the earthing cable to electrode
(c) Connect the earthing cable to workpiece
(d) Conduct the current from earthing cable to electrode


3. The welding machine, which is used to convert AC welding supply to DC welding supply is …
(a) Motor generator set
(c) Rectifier set
(b) Engine generator set
(d) Welding transformer


4. What would be the most appropriate joint preparation of arc welding of 12 mm thick plates?
(a) Single ‘V” joint
(c) Single ‘U joint
(b) Double “V” joint
(d) Square butt joint


5. Small metal particles which are thrown out of the arc during welding along with the weld are called:s.
. boels
(a) Porosity
(b) Undercut
(c) Overlap
(d) Spatter


6. Which type of flux covered electrode is used in fusion welding of cast iron?
(a) Basic type flux covered
(c) Cellulose type flux covered
(b) Rutile type flux covered
(d) Iron oxide type flux covered


7. By mixing oxygen and acetylene in different proportions different types of flames can be obtained. What type of flame will it be if these two gases are mixed in equal proportion?
(a) Oxidizing flame
(b) Carburizing flame
(c) Reducing flame
(d) Neutral flame


8. A cylinder which contains acetylene will be painted ……………
(a) Black
(b) Blue
(c) Maroon
(d) Brown


9. Acetylene can be dissolved into …
(a) Water
(b) Acetone
(c) Calcium hydroxide
(d) Kerosene


10. The size and type of filler rod for gas welding 3 mm M.S. sheet is …….. .
(a) diameter 3 mm M.S. rod
(b) diameter 3 mm copper coated mild steel rod
(c) diameter 4 mm manganese steel
(d) C.C.M.S. rod of diameter 5 mm

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