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WEEK. NO. 34  &  35

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :- Identify, Test and verify characteristics of Photovoltaic cells, Modules, Batteries and Charge controllers. Install a solar panel, execute testing and evaluate performance by connecting the panel to the inverter. (Mapped NOS: ELE/N5902)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 60 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 15 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Need for renewable energy sources, Solar energy as a renewable resource.
    • Materials used for solar cells. Principles of conversion of solar light into electricity.
    • Basics of photovoltaic’s cell.
    • Module, panel and Arrays.
    • Factors that influence the output of a PV module.
    • SPV systems and the key benefits. Difference between SPV and conventional power.
    • Solar charge controller or regulator and its role.
    • Safety precautions while working with solar systems.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • Solar Power (Renewable Energy System)
  • 230. Wire a solar controller to a battery storage station. (08 Hrs.)
  • 231. Connect storage batteries to a power inverter. (08Hrs.)
  • 232. Connect and test solar panel to the Inverter and run the load. (08Hrs.)
  • 233. Install a solar power to charge a rechargeable 12 V DC battery and find out the charging time. (08 Hrs.)
  • 234. Install a Solar Inverter. (08 Hrs.)

WEEK. NO. 36

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :- Dismantle, identify the various parts and interface of a cell phone to a PC. Estimate and troubleshoot. (Mapped NOS: ELE/N8107)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 30 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 10 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Introduction to mobile communication.
    • Concept cell site, hand off, frequency reuse, block diagram and working of cell phones, cell phone features.
    • GSM and CDMA technology.
    • Use IEMI number to trace lost/misplaced mobile phone.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • Cell phones
  • 235. Dismantle, identify the parts and assemble different types of smart phones. (04 Hrs.)
  • 236. Dismantle the cell phone/smart phone remove the key pad and clean it, test for the continuity of the matrix/tracks. (04 Hrs.)
  • 237. Interface the cell phone/smart phone to the PC and transfer the data card. (03 Hrs.)
  • 238. Flash the various brands of cell phone/smart phone (at least 3). (03 Hrs.)
  • 239. Format the cell phone/ smart phone for virus (approach the mobile repair shop/ service centre). (04 Hrs.)
  • 240. Perform the interfacing of cell phone/smart phone to the PC and dismantle the cell phone and identify the power section and test its healthiness. (04 Hrs.)
  • 241. Find out the fault of basic cell phone system. Rectify the fault in ringer section and check the performance. (04 Hrs.)
  • 242. Replace various faulty parts like mic, speaker, data/ charging/ audio jack etc. (04 Hrs.)

WEEK. NO. 37

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :-Check the various parts of a LED lights & stacks and troubleshoot. (Mapped NOS:ELE/N9302)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 15 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 05 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Types of LED panels used in various lighting applications.
    • Stacking of LEDs.
    • Driving of LED stacks.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • LED Lights
  • 243. Dismantle the LED light, identify the connections of LEDs stacks, protection circuits, regulator. (03 Hrs.)
  • 244. Identify the rectifier, controller part of LED lights. (03 Hrs.)
  • 245. Make series string connection of six LED’s and connect four Series strings in parallel. (03 Hrs.)
  • 246. Connect to such parallel sets in Series to create a matrix of LED’s. (03 Hrs.)
  • 247. Apply suitable voltage and check Voltage across series strings. (03 Hrs.)

WEEK. NO. 38 & 39

  1. Reference Learning Outcome :-Identify, operate various controls, troubleshoot and replace modules of the LCD/LED TV & its remote. (Mapped NOS: ELE/N3102)
  2. Duration :- Professional Skill 50 Hrs.; Professional Knowledge 15 Hrs. (for above learning out come)
TRADE THEORY (Professional Knowledge ) :- 
    • Difference between a conventional CTV with LCD & LED TVs.
    • Principle of LCD and LED TV and function of its different section.
    • Basic principle and working of 3D TV.
    • IPS panels and their features.
    • Different types of interfaces like HDMI, USB, RGB etc.
    • TV Remote Control –Types, parts and functions, IR Code transmitter and IR Code Receiver.
    • Working principle, operation of remote control.
    • Different adjustments, general faults in Remote Control.
TRADE PRACTICAL (Professional Skills  With Indicative Hours) :- Job no. & Name of the Practical
  • LCD and LED TV
  • 248. Identify and operate different Controls on LCD, LED TV. (05 Hrs.)
  • 249. Identify components and different sectors of LCD and LED TV. (05 Hrs.)
  • 250. Dismantle; Identify the parts of the remote control. (05 Hrs.)
  • 251. Dismantle the given LCD/LED TV to find faults with input stages through connectors. (05 Hrs.)
  • 252. Detect the defect in a LED/LCD TV receiver given to you. Rectify the fault. (10 Hrs.)
  • 253. Troubleshoot the faults in the given LED/LCD TV receiver. Locate and rectify the faults. (10 Hrs.)
  • 254. Test LED/LCD TV after troubleshooting the defects. (05 Hrs.)
  • 255. Identify various connectors and connect the cable operators external decoder (set top box ) to the TV. (05 Hrs.)
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